Injured? Had surgery?

 By following a proven process backed by evidence and delivered by expert clinicians you can return to sport feeling confident, fit and strong. Progress through the 4 stages of rehabilitation – presurgery, recovery, fundamentals and return to performance. Have a plan when it comes to your recovery and be prepared for whats to come. The time spent in each phase varies depending on the injury but all rehabilitation has the 4 phases. We can help you regardless of what stage you are currently in.  


Pre-surgery rehabilitation is vital to your success following surgery. Recover from your injury, regain range of motion, settle down the injured body part and regain strength. Become informed and prepare your body for what’s to come. Research has consistently shown that those that perform pre-surgery rehabilitation have better outcomes and tolerate surgery better. 

Note: If you do not have to have surgery progress straight to phase 2. 


Recieve high quality clinic based rehabilitation to start your recovery the right way. You are sore, swollen and stiff after injury or surgery. Settle down the pain and swelling, start to walk and move normally again and make sure your muscles are firing. Achieve the recovery phase rehabilitation milestones and progress to the next phase.

These are:
1) Good range of movement (e.g. for knee injuries - straight knee and bending to 115 degrees)
2) Minimal swelling and pain
3) walking without an aid


Get the fundamentals right and everything else is easy! We do the things that truly matter to build a solid foundation in your journey back to performance.  You will gain confidence, feel motivated, and gain belief in yourself in our Fundamentals program. 

This phase can be completed as an individual or as part of a group program. 


Pass the Fundamentals progression criteria and you are ready for the Return to Performance phase!


We will take the guesswork out of your recovery! With participation in our Return to Performance program, you can be confident in your physical and mental ability to perform after injury.

We utilise the latest training methods specifically tailored to your injury in a great, fun and cost-effective group environment provided by trained professionals. We prepare you for the demands of sport while minimising your chance of re-injury. This phase can also be completed as an individual.

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